Orion Damage Assessment System Features

Mobile App Features

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Compatible with Apple and Android Devices 

GPS Address Identification 

No Internet Connection Required

Multi-level Security

FEMA Compliant

  • FEMA Damage Designations
  • FEMA Structure Types (residential, public/infrastructure, business, agricultural).
  • Damage Estimates.
  • Insurance Information.
  • Property Contact Info.
  • Identify Households With Special Needs
  • Capture Utility Disruptions

Capture Pictures

  • Automatically Associates Photos with Property
  • Photos Include Date and Time Stamp with Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

Dashboard Features


High-level Mapping.

Map Locations by Damage Designation, Structure Type.

Map Utility Disruptions and Special Needs Locations. 


Individual Assistance Summary Report.

Public Assistance Summary Report.

SBA Report.

USDA Report.

Individual Property Report including Photographs. 

Dynamic Functionality

Collect and Store Document Attachments per Assessment.

Access and Edit Assessment Information.

Automatic Estimate Totals and Data Aggregation.

Export GIS Data to Shape & KML Files.

Project Management and Reporting Features

Reports and Forms

  • FEMA Preliminary Damage Assistance Report (PDA)
  • Request for Public Assistance (FEMA 90-49).
  • PA Project Worksheet (FEMA 90-91).
  • Special Considerations (FEMA 90-120).
  • PNP Facility Questionnaire (FEMA 90-121).
  • Force account labor summary record (FEMA 90-123).
  • Materials summary record (FEMA 90-124).
  • Rented equipment summary record (FEMA 90-125).
  • Contract work summary record (FEMA 90-126).
  • Force account equipment summary record (FEMA 90-127).
  • Applicant's benefits calculation worksheet (FEMA 90-128).
  • Export to Excel or PDF.

Management and Tracking

Employees Hours and Overtime.

Equipment Usage and Rentals.


Contractor Work.