Futurity IT Launches Orion 2012

Mechanicsburg, PA – June 1, 2012 – Futurity IT, an information technology company in the emergency management vertical, released the 2012 version of its Orion software system today.  Touted as the “first and only truly mobile damage assessment system for emergency managers”, this version of Orion has positioned Futurity as the innovator in mobile software for emergency management.

“Orion 2012 brings mobile software where the software industry has neglected yet where it is of the utmost need”, related Rob Richard, CEO of Futurity said.  “The challenge for emergency managers has been ‘how do we get a grasp of our damage so that we can direct resources to respond more effectively, yet still escalate the situation to county, state, and Federal authorities rapidly, and ensure our municipalities get funded quickly to rebuild after a disaster?’”, Richard added.

Orion 2012 runs on Android and iPhone devices, and allows local emergency managers to take advantage of this ubiquitous technology to efficiently and accurately collect damage assessment information following a disaster.  “Our clients can rest easy knowing that only a fraction of their time is spent collecting damage assessment information”, said Tom Viehman, Director of Business Development for the company.  Viehman stated, “As the data is being collected real-time, the EOC can identify problem-areas and direct resources accordingly.”  Additionally, Viehman offered “But the biggest benefit is speeding state and Federal relief because all of the information is there, uniformly collected, and ready to go.”  The Dashboard portion of Orion 2012 provides EOC personnel to manage information real-time, as well as quickly mapping damages and monitoring the situation as it unfolds.  “This technology was sorely needed in this space, and I’m proud that Futurity is the one to lead the way” concluded Richard.