Orion Delivers API Integration with WebEOC™ & ESRI ArcGIS™ to North Carolina During Hurricane Florence and Michael

“The Orion API worked seamlessly with our state ArcGIS system and allowed us to see all of the data that was coming in from the counties that were using the Orion system. This saved us a lot of time and energy and allowed us to quickly understand what was going on in the counties that were impacted by Hurricane Florence and later Hurricane Michael that were collecting info through Orion. We really appreciated the Orion staff and all of their help.”

  • Carla Bissette
    WebEOC Administrator State of North Carolina Emergency Management

FuturityIT Case Study:


The Orion Damage Assessment Solution includes an API that provides instant access to Orion live data including incidents, addresses, damage assessments and pictures. In addition, Orion allows continuous API updates at customer required time intervals. These customizable endpoints are available on request to meet specific integration needs with WebEOC™ and ESRI ArcGIS™.


As a result of the Orion Damage Assessment Solution API, the State of North Carolina Emergency Management was able to absorb and utilize assessment address, geo-coordinates, damage level information and pictures through their ArcGIS system. Through the Orion API, the State gained enhanced situational awareness from the many counties in North Carolina that utilize the Orion Damage Assessment Solution and shared their data through the Orion API with the State.

In addition, the Orion Team worked closely with the State of North Carolina Emergency Management to ensure that the Orion system worked seamlessly with State processes, access requirements and system requirements.


During Hurricanes Florence and Michael, the State of North Carolina Emergency Management saved valuable time and resources by
utilizing the Orion API so that County damage assessment data collected with the Orion Damage Assessment Solution was readily available at any time through the state ArcGIS system.

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