Disaster Management Simplified

The Single Solution Powerfully Engineered to Manage All Phases of the Emergency Management Cycle. 

Prepare.  Respond.  Recover.

Understand the big picture with an intuitive, mobile-enabled technology platform. Address emergencies and disasters in real-time, support people and communities impacted, and gain powerful insights to mitigate future events.

GIS Mapping & Layering

Visualize and analyze critical data related to transportation, health, and emergency management, allowing better decision-making and response

Laptop copy

Common Operating Picture (COP) Mobile Dashboard

Access live data and resources from any location in the field, providing flexibility and agility in emergency response efforts

Government Reporting Form Aggregator

Streamline government reporting processes, saving time and resources while ensuring compliance with regulations


Mitigation Planning

Plan for and mitigate potential emergencies and disasters, reducing the impact of adverse events on individuals and communities

Who We Serve

With clients in 33 states, our technology is integral to public health, public safety and disaster management for thousands of individual users within Government sectors and University Emergency Management divisions across the United States.

We have a strong track record of automating manual and time consuming processes, allowing quicker, more intelligent response to communities when they need it most.

Grant Funding

Our software directly addresses the requirements of many Federal Grants, including the American Rescue Plan and Pre-Disaster Mitigation funding.

Get in contact with us to find out how we can help you apply for funding to leverage our software in your locality.