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Core Features

Intuitive Mobile Applications

Ease of use is critical. We believe that the learning curve for field workers and system administrators should be short and all applications should be intuitive. Software should create productivity, not complexity.

GIS Mapping with

Our GIS mapping of collected mobile data provides greater situational awareness with real time data. We can also upload your GIS data so that you can use information that you already have to gain even greater insight.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our solutions provide flexible reporting of all data including geo-coded photos and digital signatures. Collected data is aggregated into comprehensive reports with one-click. Providing faster and actionable data is the key in our digital world.

What People Are Saying

I can get damage assessment software in a lot of places. We stick with Orion because of the service we know we’ll get. The state has other cheaper or even free solutions that have been offered to us, but this tool is so easy, so quick, so graphical and the service has been so fantastic that I don’t want to leave it even for something that is free because I know that I already have an excellent product with wonderful customer service.
John Rosenlund
Director Grand Island/Hall County Emergency Management
The Orion API worked seamlessly with our state ArcGIS system and allowed us to see all of the data that was coming in from the counties that were using the Orion system. This saved us a lot of time and energy and allowed us to quickly understand what was going on in the counties that were impacted by Hurricane Florence and later Hurricane Michael that were collecting info through Orion. We really appreciated the Orion staff and all of their help.
Carla Bissette
WebEOC Administrator, State of North Carolina Emergency Management

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