About Us

Futurity IT’s software innovates crucial workflow efficiencies for government, emergency services, public works, public health, and the private sector. Our software has helped teams to manage major disasters and emergencies such as wildfires in California, tornados in Alabama, Hurricane Sandy and more. With hurricanes, tornados, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, unexpected snow and cold, and more, disaster management agencies never have an “off season.” 

Streamlined Processes

Intelligent Reporting

Faster Reimbursements

GIS Mapping

With our solutions, customers quickly move from cumbersome and unproductive communications to streamlined processes, detailed data collection, and insightful reporting to address issues faster and more effectively. The need for this cannot be understated –  in the world of emergency management and disaster planning and assessment, timely and accurate intelligence is crucial for ideal outcomes. Paper-based processes are inefficient at best and error-prone at worst.

Of course, while emergency management is crucial, even on a day-to-day basis, government, emergency services, and public health workers are facing the need for more intelligent reporting and workflows. Futurity IT is advancing the industry with mobile solutions, real-time data, tracking, and analysis – including GIS mapping – to ensure more accurate damage assessments, appropriate staff assignments, faster reimbursements, more efficient daily operations and ultimately, management of community risk and public health. We offer two solutions:


Used for disaster pre-planning damage assessment, and emergency communications, Orion has been used in every major domestic disaster since Hurricane Sandy.

Its intuitive mobile app increases field worker productivity and its cloud-based dashboard streamlines data to further increase efficiencies and data for managers. Its standardized reporting allows for efficiencies in securing reimbursements from appropriate agencies such as FEMA.


A more customizable option, Athena is the daily companion for many entities such as fire departments, environmental agencies, and public health entities for day to day intelligence, reporting, and operational efficiencies. 

With the capability to create dynamic forms and reports, these agencies are able to retro fit Athena to their specific needs and inter-department communications.

Why Futurity?

Modernizing disaster and emergency management and improving efficiencies to manage community risk for a broad range of government agencies.

While many agencies still opt to use paper or electronic forms or more complex mapping tools, these tools often lack the breadth and depth of Futurity’s solutions and can be too narrowly focused on only one aspect of the customer requirements, such as GIS mapping. Agencies and governments need a flexible solution that can meet the diverse needs of each community, allow them to apply their own best processes and language, and be all encompassing, including vital industry integrations and reporting.

Benefits Include

Futurity’s clean and intuitive interface ensures that the user – not just the managers – increases productivity and efficiency. We integrate seamlessly with GIS systems and larger EMS systems. 

Futurity’s experience in government procurement processes streamlines customer communications and decision making, accelerating the typical sales process and meeting the needs of customers who have no time to waste.  Finally, our training, customer service, and consultative approach means customers have an informed partner, not simply a software product.