Case Study - Emergency Management

Without a Disaster Management Technology, the State of Alabama was facing significant challenges in coordinating and documenting damage after natural disasters, such as tornadoes, flooding, and hurricanes. Both state and local governments required a common operating picture to enable all stakeholders to report on damage documentation effectively. They also required an easy way for citizens to report damage to homes, businesses, or farms. Before partnering with Futurity, the Emergency Management Department were struggling faced challenges in its ability to provide a full picture of damage for FEMA reimbursements.

How We Helped

With our help, the State of Alabama is now able to easily report natural events in real-time, including tornadoes, flooding, and hurricanes. They are also able to forward plan and conduct training and exercises to mitigate future events. Leveraging the Futurity solution, the state has qualified for additional FEMA funding to address disasters and has been able to more proactively meet the needs of its constituents in their critical time of need.

By leveraging the Futurity Platform, the State of Alabama significantly improved its statewide response to natural disasters. The platform’s robust features, including its intuitive mobile application, GIS Mapping & Layering, Mitigation, Common Operating Picture Dashboard, and Government Reporting Form Aggregator, enhanced situational awareness and enabled more effective resource allocation. With the Futurity Platform, the State of Alabama is now better equipped to protect its citizens and manage the challenges posed by natural disasters.

Key Futurity Platform Features

GIS Mapping & Layering

Emergency Management teams across the state could gain real-time situational awareness from the field, allowing for more effective response, management of resources, and tracking of time and materials according to FEMA standards.

Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard

The COP Dashboard allowed the Health and Emergency Management teams to streamline their allocation of resources using a common operating picture and data informed decision making

Government Reporting Form Aggregator

This feature streamlined the process of submitting various forms, such as Individual Assistance (IA), Public Assistance (PA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Incident Command System (ICS), Category F, and FEMA forms, by aggregating data from multiple sources to generate accurate and timely reports.

Mitigation Planning

Leveraging the insight from previous events, our technology provided direct trends and data to help the State identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities for future events.