Orion Delivers Effective & Easy to Use Damage Assessment for Flooding Events in Hall County, Nebraska

“I can get damage assessment software in a lot of places. We stick with Orion because of the service we know we’ll get. The state has other cheaper or even free solutions that have been offered to us, but this tool is so easy, so quick, so graphical and the service has been so fantastic that I don’t want to leave it even for something that is free because I know that I already have an excellent product with wonderful customer service.”

  • Jon Rosenlund,
    Director Grand Island/Hall County Emergency Management

FuturityIT Case Study:


Hall County Director of Emergency Management, Jon Rosenlund has led 20 trainings and exercises over the past five years using the Orion Damage Assessment Solution and used Orion in over 20 events.


As a result of this preparation, the Hall County CERT Team and Teenage
Cert Team were well prepared for the five flooding events that
occurred in 2019. Both teams conducted residential damage
assessments for the flooding by going house to house and collected
damage information and photos utilizing the Orion Mobile App. The
CERT teams also collected damage information through the Orion
Dashboard during a multi-agency event where over 100 citizens reported damage to their homes in person at the event.

In addition, the Orion Mobile App was utilized by the Hall County Roads Dept to capture road damage information and by the Public Works Dept. to assess damage to trees in the Hall County parks.


Through the use of the Orion Mobile Solution by CERT Teams and the
Roads and Public Works Departments during the floods of 2019, Jon Rosenlund was able to gain real time situational awareness through his use of the Orion Solution.

This enabled him to quickly and accurately report aggregate damage levels to County Officials and to FEMA. Further, it streamlined the damage assessment process and saved him
time and resources. Jon has used the Orion Damage Assessment Solution for over 20 events during the past 5 years and offers a strong
testimonial on the value that the solution brings to our clients throughout the United States.

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