Disaster Management

When disaster strikes, be prepared with technology you can trust

Disasters can strike anytime, and have devastating effects on individuals, communities, and businesses.

Our software helps organisations streamline mitigation efforts by providing meaningful analytics, response and recovery efforts, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and quickly to those most in need.

disaster management

Case Studies

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

Division of Emergency Management, Kansas

Yuba County,
The State of
North Carolina

GIS Mapping & Layering

See a layered, comprehensive view of emergency situations on GIS enabled map. Leverage these key insights to quickly identify and respond to emergency situations in real-time

Mitigation Planning

Identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities, develop and implement mitigation strategies, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.

Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard

Allows Emergency Management to access real-time situational awareness from the field. This enables real time situational awareness, to address emergency situations quickly and efficiently, and more effectively manage resources, track time and materials against FEMA standards.

Government Reporting Form Aggregator

Streamline the process of submitting Individual Assistance (IA), Public Assistance (PA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Incident Command System (ICS), Category F and FEMA forms, by aggregating data from various sources to generate accurate and timely reports.