Case Study - University Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Department at UC Irvine was faced with the challenge of executing an effective emergency response plan to address the potential threat of an active shooter on campus. To ensure the safety of students and staff, the plan required regular, documented inspections of 200 campus buildings, both internally and externally, and accurate reporting to identify and address potential risks. Without the right technology, this process would be labor-intensive and fraught with risks, as unidentified security issues could compromise the health and safety of the campus community.

How We Helped

UC Irvine’s Emergency Management department partnered with Futurity as a technology partner, and Doberman Emergency Management as a subject matter expert to create a comprehensive and efficient building inspection plan.

The Futurity platform allowed staff to conduct routine building inspections, identify, and remediate security vulnerabilities in both interior and exterior areas. The system facilitated prompt reporting of each building’s inspection status, enabling emergency management personnel to maintain campus facilities in a manner that minimized active shooter threats.

Key Futurity Platform Features

GIS Mapping & Layering

The Futurity Platform’s GIS Mapping and Layering feature enabled the team to visualize complex, layered datapoints in a simple, mobile-responsive application which could be easily operated by any member of the department from the desk or remote from anywhere on Campus.

Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard

The COP Dashboard provided a clear summary of the safety inspection data in real-time, allowing built-in flexibility and agility in the team’s emergency response plan.

Government Reporting Form Aggregator

With the help of the Futurity Platform, the team was able to aggregate hundreds of datapoints into a single view, gaining insight from a detailed physical security assessment which would’ve otherwise been sprawled across dozens of individual reports.