Case Study - Department of Transportation

“Futurity allowed us to get out in the field and be able to do the assessments in person. It really helped out to be able to collect the information we needed right there… we have a lot of rural areas in our county with no cell service so being able to use the mobile app offline was a huge help.”
Melissa Penn, Disaster Prep, Marion County

Road and Surface Damage

Marion County was hit by a historic flood which caused widespread damage to the County’s roads and surface area. In previous flooding events, damage assessments were done using cameras which provided GIS location of the incidents, but lacked the ability to provide meaningful context or a comprehensive picture of the overall response and recovery effort.

How We Helped

By Leveraging the Futurity Platform, the Damage Assessment Team were able to complete a comprehensive roads damage assessment and bring together the full picture of where the damage was and which areas of the community were affected. This allowed the County to streamline their damage assessment reports to the State of Arkansas, ask for additional support, and take steps to prepare for the future in the event of additional flooding within the impacted areas.

Key Futurity Platform Features

GIS Mapping & Layering

The platform provided a comprehensive, layered view of roads damage on a GIS-enabled map, bringing together numerous parties who would have previously seen only a fraction of the overall picture. It also allowed streamlined reporting from the County to the State level for more effective post-disaster resource allocation

Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard

The COP Dashboard allowed all parties involved in addressing road damage to see detailed reports from the field, toggle between individual incidents and the full scope of damage, and view a clear and concise visual summary with actionable data which reflected the full response effort