Public Health

Data-driven public health insights to protect vulnerable populations and communities

It has never been more important to identify and advocate for members of our community in times of need. We support Health and Human Services Departments with technology that removes manual processes, guesswork and information silos.

Our Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard and GIS Enabled Mapping and layering software can help Identify potential health hazards and vulnerabilities, develop and implement mitigation strategies, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness in real-time.

Case Studies

Oregon Department of Human Services

Sacramento County, California

GIS Mapping & Layering

Visualize and report on human-centric data such as population, demographics and situational factors such as housing and resource availability. Easily view patterns on a GIS map, from individual communities to the zoomed-out big picture

Common Operating Picture (COP) Dashboard

See real-time data and resources from any location - desktop, phone or ipad - allowing flexibility and agility from the field. Leverage these insights to quickly analyze and measure the impact of community programs

Government Reporting Form Aggregator

Streamline government reporting processes post-incident, saving time and ensuring that funding and financial resources are received quickly and compliant with regulations.

Mitigation Planning

Proactively plan resource allocation and community planning and risk reduction efforts, and reducing the impact of adverse events on the state and county's most vulnerable populations