Comprehensive Management Tool for Tracking
and Mitigation of Infectious Diseases

It’s COVID-19 Ready. Complete Forms with App. Track with GIS Mapping. Instant Comprehensive Reports.

Athena TaskPro Is COVID-19 Ready!

Athena TaskPro is a mobile solution designed to help track and mitigate infectious diseases at the local level. Track and manage Quarantine Locations, Alternative Testing Centers, Virus Containment and Hot Zones, Temporary Hospital Sites, PPE Inventory Requests, Citizen Needs Assessments, and more.

Case Form

Use the Athena mobile app to fill the CDC Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and Case Report. Forms can be submitted directly to the CDC for fast filing.

All data collected is immediately synced to your Athena dashboard where the forms can be submitted to the CDC. All information is visible through our interactive GIS mapping for situational awareness.

NOTE: Your data forms can quickly be added too!

Self Reporter

Athena includes a citizens self-reporter to help track locations of those who suspect may be infected with the COVID-19 virus. Minimizes public exposure.

Includes a secured registration page that you can share on your website and/or via social media where citizens can fill out form to self-report from home. The data submitted is secured and will send to your Athena Dashboard with details and location of the potential case for further action.

Quarantined Locations

Track and monitor all quarantined locations. Each quarantined location is geo-coded with time/date information for situational awareness.

The Athena mobile app is used to fill-out your testing data forms and then auto-synced directly to the dashboard. Comprehensive reports of each location, selected areas, or all combined locations are available in the hosted dashboard.

Alternative Testing Centers

Your data collection forms for alternative location COVID-19 testing sites can be immediately uploaded.

The data collected auto-syncs to the Athena Dashboard where comprehensive reporting of individual and/or combined locations is immediately available at your fingertips.

Virus Containment Zones

Track all containment zones with information relayed immediately to the hosted dashboard.

All completed Virus Containment Zone Forms can be correlated and updated in real time providing better situational awareness of the community on one hosted dashboard with GIS mapping.

Mobile Library of Information

Custom library of staff instructions, information, and COVID-19 one sheets and videos.

Staff information can be uploaded into Athena TaskPro so mobile users can have them available at their fingertips.  All COVID-19 one sheets and videos from the CDC are already loaded into Athena.  They are available and shareable with a click of a button via the mobile app.

Athena TaskPro provides you with Situational Data and Comprehensive Reports Fast...when Time Matters!

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Athena Dashboard

Track & Manage Employee Tasks

Share tasks and assignments to staff members. Manage status and location of task with full GIS mapping.

Athena was designed for allowing immediate changes so you can adjust your plan when needed!

Athena Mobile

Collect Data From the Field

Athena Mobile is the used to collect information on the go in the field. Capabilities include: task duration time-tracking, digital signature, geolocation and photo attachment. All collected data is automatically shared with management for immediate reporting and decision making.  

Customizable resource library for manuals, flyers or videos.


Dynamic Forms and Reports

Athena reporting allows for easy documentation and better understanding of resources, initiatives, and time spent on tasks. Comprehensive reports are available with one click. 

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The Athena App includes a library section for uploading staff information and already has COVID-19 one sheets and videos for sharing.  

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