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Solutions to revolutionize the way government agencies streamline operations during emergencies and daily work

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Disaster pre-planning, damage assessment and emergency communications

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Streamlined day-to-day operations for fire departments, local health departments, health & environmental agencies, and public works departments

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Intuitive Mobile Applications

Ease of use is critical. We believe that the learning curve for field workers and system administrators should be short and all applications should be intuitive. Software should create productivity, not complexity.

Hosted Cloud-Based Dashboards

All collected field data from our mobile apps is instantly viewable in our hosted cloud-based GIS dashboards. System administrators can conduct staff assignments, gain situational awareness, and quickly produce comprehensive reports.

GIS Mapping with Layers

Our GIS mapping of collected mobile data provides greater situational awareness with real time data. We can also upload your GIS data so that you can use information that you already have to gain even greater insight.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our solutions provide flexible reporting of all data including geo-coded photos and digital signatures. Collected data is aggregated into comprehensive reports with one-click. Providing faster and actionable data is the key in our digital world.

Intuitive Solutions

We believe technology should be easy, useful, and reliable. We deliver simple, effective software solutions that make your job easier and give you actionable use of your data.


We offer extremely effective live, web-based, and video training for all of our solutions. Our users have access to easy to use training materials and a library of training documents. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.


Our solutions are used in 29 states and territories and are proven to be effective and reliable even in extreme conditions. Our clients have used our solution to collect data for fire, flooding, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and pandemic events.

Mobile Platforms

All of our mobile products are available through Apple iOS, Android and Windows 10 platforms so that you can use any device with an identical experience.

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