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Mobile App Captures Data
Quickly Collect Data (including Photos) and FEMA Designated Information
Cloud-Based Command Center
Data Collected Syncs to the Hosted Dashboard for Real-Time Data and Reporting
Auto-Fill FEMA Reports
Orion Quickly Completes FEMA Reports with just One Click

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Mobile App Collects Data

Ease-of-use and the intuitive design of Orion is why it’s selected time and time again. When a major disaster hits, the system you select should be easy to learn and use. Available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Using touch screen, field workers can quickly collect data, and conduct damage assessments, including photos, and build disaster pre-plans.

Higher FEMA reimbursements comes from better documentation.
Orion is designed to provide you with quicker and more reliable
FEMA paperwork and reports.

Data Collected Auto-Syncs To Dashboard

All the data collected in the field using the app is synced to the cloud based Orion Dashboard where assessments and data is automatically aggregated for quick situational awareness.

The Orion Dashboard includes GIS mapping, data exports, FEMA Reports, both Individual Assistance and Public Assistance information. It even includes a complete Public Assistance Project Manager with all FEMA Cost Codes included.

Auto-Fill FEMA Forms

Our Orion solution will save you tons of time by auto-filling all the FEMA reports with legible and accurate information, including geo-coded information and photos. It’s a proven way to gain higher reimbursements after the disaster. Orion even includes a complete Public Assistance Manager.

Orion is Easy-To-Learn and Easy-To-Use

Orion’s Mobile App will allow you a quicker and more accurate way of collecting data, information, and photos in the field. And then quickly sync it to the cloud-based Command Center. Orion includes an easy-to-use interface for staff members to follow and collect data and photos in the field.

GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping for accurate tracking and documentation of data/photos.

Damage Levels

FEMA Damage Designations: Affected, Minor, Major, and Destroyed.

Structure Type

FEMA Structure Types: Residential, Business, Agriculture, and Public Infrastructure.


Access Tax Data

Accesses tax assessor data in the field for more accurate damage estimates.


Takes geo-coded photos during pre-planning and damage assessments.

And More...

Collects Impact to Human Life, Special Needs, Insurance, Utility Disruptions, Notes, and more.

Export Data

Orion includes a complete Incident Data Export button, and an export function of Shape and KML files for Incident Locations, Utility Disruptions, and Special Needs.

Public Assistance

Orion does Individual Assistance and includes a Public Assistance Project Manager with Labor/Equipment Tracking, FEMA Cost Codes, all FEMA 90 Series Forms, and more.

Audit Trail

Orion keeps a complete history of every piece of information added, collected, and/or edited, by the person who added the information, and stamps it with date and time.


Orion includes a Self-Reporter where businesses and residents can report damage through an entry portal from your web site or via mobile devices through social media.

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Orion generates higher disaster reimbursements because it provides faster and more accurate documentation!