Disaster Planning with Orion

Plan, Respond & Recover with Orion

Discover an easier way to catalog public infrastructure such as; roads, public buildings, and shelters. Key data such as photos, geo coordinates, and important details can be captured and cataloged through our mobile enabled Orion solution software. FEMA reporting is made easy with before and after pictures  documentation at your fingertips. 

Examples of Orion planning capabilities:

Public Buildings

Streamline your planning process with full mapping and documentation capability to catalog all public buildings in your community with photos, geo coordinates and so much more.

Roads and Bridges

Monitor the condition of your Roads and Bridges in real time. Manage projects by tracking labor, materials, and equipment costs with Orion's public assistance project manager. Save countless hours by automatically filling all of your FEMA reports with just a few clicks.

Special Needs Registry

Orion makes it easy to identify status, location and special needs of vulnerable populations in your community. With HIPPA compliant reporting and monitoring you can offer households assistance directed to specific special needs during an emergency.

School District Infrastructure

Catalog photos and emergency information for all schools in your community along with key contact information to manage all types of disasters. Keep track of shelter location and status to maximize your situational awareness during an event.

Hazardous Materials

Utilize Orion's intuitive GIS mapping and mobile tracking of location and type of hazardous materials to keep your community and team safe. Monitor Tier II hazmat locations and status.

Track Structure Fires

Use Orion to keep track of structure fires within your community. Gear up your team with the Orion mobile app to capture relevant information and photos in the field. Rapidly assess and track conditions with Orion's structural triage module. Orion also can be used to preplan for potential wildlife/urban interface events.

Disaster Planning Made Easy.