Mobile Solution for Marine and

Welcome to Athena TaskPro, a cloud-based mobile workflow solution for the marine industry and fisheries. No more pen and paper. Go mobile. Use your forms, track activities, and get instant comprehensive reports.

Vessel Inspection

Athena creates the easiest method of conducting vessel inspections using a mobile app and your insection forms. All collected data, answers, photos, signatures are ducumented, time-stamped, dated, and geo-coded. Data is auto-synced to a hosted dashboard for immediate comprehensive reporting and follow-up action plans.

Harvest Tracking

Athena is the best way to retire your pen and paper reporting. Now you can get daily tracking and immediate comprehensive reporting of harvests. All collected data, photos, signatures are documented, time-stamped, dated, and geo-coded. Data is auto-synced to a hosted dashboard for immediate comprehensive reporting.


Athena creates a simple way to schedule and report all maintenance of all equipment, vessels, and more. This easy-to-use mobile application can include all of your custom maintenance forms, reports, and allow you to schedule monthly and/or annually. Comprehensive reports with a click of a button.

Workplace Safety

Athena's mobile app can keep track of all your work safety documents, reports, forms, and can even include a library of all your safety videos for distribution, sharing, staff training, etc. Schedule staff training reminders, safety events, and get instant safety reports.

Finally, Go Mobile, Go Paperless.


Athena is the perfect mobile application for simplifying data capture and reporting. We make it easy to move your forms and reports and go completely mobile. Auto-syncs seamlessly across devices. Designed to be easy-to-use, Athena gives you a more organized way of assigning tasks and reports to staff members where they can easily document and complete via touch screen and photos. Data is auto-synced to a hosted dashboard where comprehensive reporting is immediate. Staff task time duration and data collected is geo-coded for accuracy and thorough documentation.

Finally, Go Mobile, Go Paperless.

Custom Forms, Reports, and Assigning of Tasks

It doesn’t get any simpler than Athena. Create and customize your own forms and reports. Select day and time, assign task, and push it to the selected staff member. Staff members sees task assignment with date, location, and associated form to be completed. Once the task is completed, a report can be shared and synced back to the dashboard in real time.

User Experience

Athena was built with the user in mind. Quick to learn and easy to use.

Rapid Deployment

Athena is fast. Task Assignments are sent quickly and field data and completed forms are synced immediately for fast reporting.

Dynamic and Customizable

Athena is perfect for all departments. Ease-of-use and endless customization allows for any department to use this program with their own forms and reports.

Custom Forms and Reports

Any staff member across any department can utilize Athena. It's the perfect tool for mobile reporting in real-time. All reports sync back for immediate distribution.

Finally, Go Mobile, Go Paperless.