Hours Saved

hazard mitigation planning is an essential to keep your community safe

We know that Hazard Mitigation Planning is an essential to keep your community safe. The Orion Solution is here to make planning easy with a new incident overlay feature that allows you to view multiple incidents, critical infrastructure, previous disasters, etc., all in one place and at one time so that you can understand the past to better plan for the future.
Our goal at Futurity is to make it easy for you to document and consolidate reporting on key data points to help communities identify and communicate needs for funding with specific and well-documented data. The Orion mobile solution saves countless staff hours and allows you to have the information you need to do your job better.


With our shape file feature you can have the ability to upload custom layers onto your Orion site. You can easily upload, edit the color of your shape file layer, and delete your layers as needed. With this feature we have included the line feature and you can meet all of your mapping needs in one, easy to use, software.

Incident Overlay Feature

This new feature can be useful for many different scenarios. For example, you can view damage from past incidents over multiple years to assist with mitigation planning. Or, If you have a plan saved in your Orion system, such as a shelter plan, you can view an active incident juxtaposed to where your shelters are. 

With the incident overlay feature you have the ability to choose multiple events or plans and see all of them displayed together on the map and list view below.

This feature allows you to compare and combine incidents over a period of time, or see where your existing plans are in relation to any incident.  You also have the ability to generate reporting with the multiple incidents you have selected, it will generate a report that combines all of the date from the the incidents or plans that you have selected.